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Restaurant catalogue with a view of the airport

Girls-only gathering was held, and, with the partner whom a heart was settled down to, I looked at a night view while eating a delicious feast, and has time when the non-daily life was romantic not been wanted to spend with a friend?
Is it known that such a stylish spot is in Narita?
In the hotel group mushrooming around Narita International Airport, there is the restaurant which can meet such needs a lot.

The hotel around the Narita International Airport usually entertains the customer of a large number of foreigners visiting Japan from the foreign countries let alone a Japanese customer to be able to spend comfortable time with first-class service, good-quality dishes. A runway of Narita Airport can be overlooked from the restaurant in the loft, and you can see a taking off and landing airplane close. This view changes completely in noon and night.

The state that the star of an instruction light turned on along the edge of the runway, the light of the airplane coming and going there and the night sky is seen over a window is fantastic and invites us to the non-everyday world. It is a popular spot as it is not available without the reservation here on Valentine and Christmas.

How about being sometimes dressed up, and using it even if not so on the special day either?
In addition, each hotel can use a free shuttle bus running from Narita Station and Narita Airport. 

Hotel Nikko Narita


Hotel Nikko Narita sunset lounge

In the sunset lounge which can overlook Narita Airport, French food-based course dishes of the hotel pride can be enjoyed other than a bar to be able to enjoy world famous sake.
With the night view of the airport, please enjoy a chef's proud special dinner course.
There is the advantageous accommodation plan that incorporated course dishes in staying.

Business hours

From 18:00 to 24:00


0476-32-0015 (restaurant reservation) 

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel


The sky dining "Aya style"

The scenery to expect from the hotel top floor changes from the gradation of the beautiful setting sun to the night view of the twinkling airport.
I prepare for the plan that is good to the special dinner such as memorial days.

Business hours

From 17:30 to 24:00


0476-33-1293 (representative from restaurant)


Grilled "greens village multi-"

The traditional taste that is inherited by the hotel opening of business. The ingredients which were particular about freshness and domestic production dance with the flame which was burning red on an iron plate in the very front and dance and are baked.
The night view of the airport to see from a window lets dishes become more attractive and colors the special dinner with the important person.

Business hours

From 17:30 to 22:00


0476-33-1293 (representative from restaurant) 

Marroad International Hotel Narita


Fine-view restaurant Rumi yell

The little-known spot spot where the prospects restaurant Rumi yell to be located in the top floor of our hotel built adjacent to Narita Airport expects Narita Airport A runway in front!
As the east side, the west is fitted with glass entirely, you can see dynamic scenery.
I prepare for a variation-rich buffet menu of Western food and the Chinese food including cow sirloin steak roast pork.

Business hours

From 18:00 to 22:00 (L.O.21 time 30 minutes)


0476-32-9111 (restaurant reservation) 

Narita View Hotel

The Dining The TOP dining the top

A real French restaurant only at the Narita Airport area hotel.
From a window established on both sides in the shop, the view of Narita Airport and the north total plateau can be enjoyed.
The Japanese food opens with the new style of "the Japanese-Western style collaboration menu" to be able to have only in weekdays at lunchtime, too.

Business hours

Lunch (I do business only on weekdays)
From 11:30 to 14:00 (L.O. 13:30)
From 17:30 to 21:30
(course dishes L.O. 20:30)


0476-32-1122 (reception clerk)

Bar starlight

A bar boasting the Scenery from the top floor that can spend time with a space of adult while looking at the night view of the Narita airport.
In a calm atmosphere, the conversing with of adult would like to be fuddled with by the famous sake of all the countries of the world and original cocktail.

Business hours

From 20:30 to 24:00
The 23:00 food last
The 23:30 drink last


0476-32-1122 (reception clerk)

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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

It was called off. In "local character 成田詣", online delivery is held


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Antique Fair

Hanasaki-cho is canceled on handbook regular assembly ground (first Saturday), October 2 when I slept.
The door front venue (28 days a month) is canceled during facing it.

Narita Drum Festival

Saturday, April 16, 2022, 17th Sunday: Plan

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