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Garden barbecue 2020 to enjoy at a hotel of Narita


The season when the beer was delicious came over.
If congenial friends gather, would you like to go out to the barbecue at the hotel of Narita?

When people of residence, the working are summer around Narita, people that there is many it perform it for a cookout several times once all together together with the friends and friends of the workplace in 1 season.
For a work return thank you! This is gone to the barbecue of the hotel, and let's swell in friends.
Expanse, this root in people of the young generation from people of the airport duty.

In the hotel of the Narita Airport area, a lot of hotels among the Nature which is full of green can enjoy a barbecue and draft beer in trees and an extensive lawn.
For a work return, I forget heat by reliable ingredients all-you-can-eat all-you-can-drink plan at a price about 5,500 yen♪
A party style peculiar to Narita who is not seen in the suburban town. Is it not thought that everybody is unique?

When I eat for a petit resort feeling, and I drink in a feeling of opening only in the outdoors, it is very delicious.
To sky to look up at, a big airplane flies; a force perfect score!
It may be said that it is View Point only in Narita.

I eat a lot, and I drink, and I have take a rest relaxedly♪
There is the advantageous plan that the Lodging of the hotel becomes inexpensive.
I offer hospitality to be able to spend comfortable time in luxury space.

Between a family and friends, please thoroughly enjoy it this summer.

  • Corona measures are performed to have a customer enjoy it in peace at each hotel.
    Sterilization, the ventilation in the hall is performed, and antiseptic solution is installed in each place. I appeal to a customer for cooperation such as the sterilization of the finger or wearing, the thermometry of the mask.
    In addition, the interval between the seats is left, and you are guided to keep social distance, and the limit of the number of people is performed, too. About the approach, please confirm it from the official homepage of each hotel.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel
Narita View Hotel
Hotel Nikko Narita
Radisson Narita
Narita Tobu Hotel Airport
Hotel my stays premiere Narita
Narita U- city hotel



ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel (External link)


※The photograph is an image.

BBQ to taste with an opening-like atmosphere
<< all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink >>

Other than char-grilled meat and vegetables, it is hotel specially made Food and drink and substantial contents including the dessert.
The offer with the style that can be enjoyed to all of you in peace is planned this year.



From Saturday, July 11, 2020 to Tuesday, September 22

I do business only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a holiday in September

Time From 17:30 to 21:30 (LO 21:00)

Adult 6,000 yen child (7-12 years old) 2,500 yen child (4-6 years old) 1,000 yen infant for free

Advance reservations until the day before

Adult 6,000 yen ⇒ 5,500 yen

Summer Ladies' Day
Adult 6,000 yen ⇒ 5,000 yen (in the case of the meeting only for women)

  • A special event "salsa dance" will be held.

  A smile will be sent in a dance and music. Please confirm it from the HP on the date.

  • Marquee introduction made possible rainy weather correspondence. (stormy weather cancellation)
  • It is a guide by the use of principle, 1 table three people to keep social distance,
    The number of the seats is limited to keep distance about the table interval.
  • On the use, advance reservations are recommended.
  • At the time of the stormy weather, it is called off.
Reference TEL 0476-33-1354 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00) or TEL 0476-33-1293 (restaurant reservation)

It is ... about the approach that featured the theme of ... relief, security
①I ask for thermometry at the time of customer entering a shop.
(when I have fevers 37 degrees or more, entrance is declined).
②Please wear the mask other than the meal (the employee obliges it to mask wearing).
③The alcohol antiseptic solution is installed in an entrance, each place.
④The table layout which kept social distance is done.
⑤The offer of dishes is doing invention including a plate and the cup food.
⑥A cash tray will be used at the time of payment, the delivery.
⑦The entrance is limited in rush hours.

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Narita View Hotel (External link)


※The photograph is an image.

☆Summer feature ☆Garden BBQ! 2020
<< all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink >>

In the garden among forests of a lot of green the barbecue full of ... feelings of freedom!
The container area with the roof feels relieved because of rain! Please spend a happy time with all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink.
The new menu of this year serves spicy jerk chicken and チチニエリピザ, ワカモレ of the avocado, smoked potato salad unlimitedly! Vietnamese sweets "Che" with tapioca appears in the time service dessert! Furthermore, the first plates which let pile bone-in lamb and a seafood kind, a lot of vegetables are varied! I will be waiting by meat, vegetables, the full contents including buffet dishes♪

The flyer is the (External link)

Period From Friday, July 17, 2020 to Monday, August 31 
Time From 18:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)
(※ tax is included)


From Sunday to Thursday 5,000 yen  

Friday, Saturday, days before holidays 6,000 yen


Junior and senior high school students 3,500 yen primary schoolchild 2,500 yen 4-6 years old 800 yen 3 years or younger for free

  • With BBQ-limited accommodation plan natural hot spring bathing ((tax-excluded) ... of 3100 yen per person)
  • On the use, please make a reservation beforehand. (it is accepted than two people)
  • The area with the roof will be held even in case of rain, but it may be called off on stormy weather out of necessity.
  • The roofless area becomes a guide of "shabu-shabu all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink" the indoor in a rainy day.
  • About the cancellation by the weather sudden change during barbecue holding, please note that it cannot be refunded. 
Reference TEL 0476-32-1135 (from 9:00 to 19:00) direct to sale section

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Hotel Nikko Narita (External link)


※The photograph is an image.

<< this year all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink >>

Summer feature "BBQ" of Narita is held this year!
Daily limited 100 people. Preventive measures against infection spread were carried out, and I prepared for environment to be able to enjoy in peace in an opening-like garden.
Even if it is equipped with a marquee, and a shower falls, I am reliable.
At the demonstration corner, the dishes which a chef cooked on the spot can be enjoyed.


From Monday, July 20, 2020 to Monday, August 31 ※Stormy weather cancellation
From 17:30 to 21:00 (LO 20:45)

Rate Adult 6,500 yen primary schoolchild 2,500 yen infant for free
Hotel guest, Narita Airport person concerned 6,000 yen (take an employee ID card by all means.)
One Harmony member 6,000 yen (on the day the enrollment is possible enrollment fee, annual fee for free)                         
  • It is accepted than two people.
  • I will show around the seat where appropriate distance was emptied into to keep the physical distance of a customer and the customer.
    By number of people, a table may be divided.
  • I am crowded very much during weekend and August. It will be recommended making an early reservation.
  • In the case of the use, in the case of business cancellation caused by the stormy weather, please be careful on the way as it is not refunded. But it is exchanged with a complimentary ticket after the entering a shop when it is within 45 minutes.
  • By a weather condition of the day, business may be canceled. On the day please refer after 4:00 p.m.
Reference Barbecue reservation TEL 0476-32-0015 (from 9:00 to 18:00)

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Radisson Narita (External link)


※The photograph is an image.

It is BBQ in the poolside that is the largest in an area
<< all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink >>

Hot summer comes over again this year!
Radisson Narita poolside BBQ is held!
Let's enjoy a resort feeling in outdoor BBQ.
You can see an entertainment show while enjoying BBQ every Saturday.
An airplane is a resort not to need and does not make the summer memory?

Period From Thursday, July 23, 2020 to Sunday, August 30 ※Rain out
It is held every day other than Sunday and Monday in a fixed closing day for from July 26 to July 30 (I do business on August 10)
Time From 18:00 to 21:30 (last order & last walk-in 20:00)

Advance reservations adult 5,000 yen - 65 years or older, junior high student 4,000 yen ... 
6-12 years old 2,500 yen - 0-5 years old for free

※Please confirm it in official homepage (External link) on the detailed rate, date.


Entertainment is held every Saturday
※The entertainment may be changed by the situation partly.

  • Advance reservations are recommended.
  • It is called off at rainy weather.
  • By the situation of weather and the pulling in customers number of people, held place and contents are changed, and it may be canceled.
Reference TEL 0476-93-1234

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Narita Tobu Hotel Airport (External link)


※The photograph is an image.

<< all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink >>

I prepare in an order format.

In today's double live kitchen, please enjoy full-scale Taiwanese stand corners.

A flyer is this! (PDF: 948KB)



Friday, Saturday and Sunday, holiday holding of from Friday, July 17, 2020 to Sunday, August 30
The customer of the group makes a reservation other than the day mentioned above; accept it.
※Rain out

Time From 18:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)

Adult 6,000 yen primary schoolchild 3,000 yen infant (4 years old - 6 years old) 1,000 yen
Advance reservations special price 5,500 yen (there is not the sale of the advance ticket this year.)

  • Hawaiian hula
    Friday, July 17 24th Friday 26th Sunday 31st Friday
    Friday, August 7 9th Sunday 14th Friday 21st Friday 23rd Sunday 28th Friday
    From 19:00 to 20:00
  • Belly dance
    Saturday, July 25, Saturday, August 15 29th Saturday
    From 19:00 to 19:20, from 19:35 to 19:55              
  • It is called off in the rainy day.
  • As new coronavirus infection prophylaxis, the entering a shop number of people restrictions are set for social distance.
    The offer of dishes in an order format. I would like thermometry and mask wearing at the time of the entering a shop.
    Alcohol sterilization is carried out thoroughly.
Reference Making a reservation (restaurant direct) is TEL 0476-32-0606


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Hotel my stays premiere Narita (External link)



※The photograph is an image.

The poolside barbecue

The summer feature that is annual as for the outdoor barbecue to be able to enjoy empty-handed. Besides it is sent this year titled "THE BBQ".
"Domestic beef sirloin" and "the domestic beef galbi" that one push is cut by thickness becoming really delicious when it was baked, and a red meat and a ratio of fat draw exquisite texture and taste softly moderately

It will be sent by full contents to others, an abundant side menu, fresh local vegetables, dessert.
In addition, all-you-can-drink (a rate is included) that draft beer and wine, a highball, the soft drink which are unbearable for a beer enthusiast are rich in a type prepares.
Please spend a night time in the summer when you are delicious with a family, a friend and a burning hot barbecue and a cold drink while feeling seasonal wind outdoors at a cool summer evening.

A flyer is this! (PDF: 1,197KB)



From Tuesday, July 23, 2020 to Saturday, August 22
※Rain Tenno consultation


Reception desk start 16:30
Meal from 17:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)


Adult 6,500 yen, 60 years or older, junior high school high school student 4,000 yen, primary schoolchild 2,500 yen, 4 years or older 1,000 yen
About an advance sale (make a reservation until the day before) 
Adult 5,900 yen

  • In case of rain in 屋宴会場 use it.
    (but it may not be available by the availability of the banquet room.)
  • The layout of a certain social distance space seat is carried out.
  • From buffet to an order format
    The dishes are provided individually to avoid recycling and the spray of the tong.
Reference Banquet reservation TEL 0476-33-1661 (from 10:00 to 18:00)

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Narita U- city hotel (External link)


※The photograph is an example in the bloom of four people for an image.

Let's enjoy summer at the JR Narita Station west exit!
Narita U- city hotel garden BBQ
It is the only garden barbecue in the station square.
The merit of the station square that is convenient for a meeting, adjournment is sent.

It is with all-you-can-drink for height of meat (four kinds) & seafood & vegetables and two hours.
Furthermore, one article of recommended menu is offered at a reasonable price and is station square BBQ of the U-city hotel pride not to be inferior to all-you-can-eat.

Period From Friday, July 17, 2020 to Saturday, August 29
Time From 18:00 to 21:30 (last entering a shop 19:30) dishes LO 20:30 drink LO 20:45

It is with all-you-can-drink for set dishes plan << height of meat (four kinds) & seafood & vegetables >> and two hours

With rate alcohol
Set dishes & all-you-can-drink (120 minutes)
Of 5000 yen per person (a tax is included)
(not served unlimitedly.)

Set dishes & soft drink all-you-can-drink (120 minutes)
Of 4000 yen per person (a tax is included)
(not served unlimitedly.)

※Others, the one piece of article dishes of the order system, a lot of snacks prepare, too.
※The substitute venue at the time of the rainy weather prepares, too, but there is a limit of the number of people. (require reservation)

  • 200 yen is discounted than the rate mentioned above in making a reservation until 17:00 the day before.
  • Accommodation plan holding!
    A barbecue and Lodging are the plans that are advantageous with a set.
Reference Banquet reservation section TEL 0476-24-0927

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