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In transportation to Narita city, there are JR Line, Keisei Line, a car, an express bus. The detailed route to each destination can be checked by the following "routes, transfer guidance". As there is the ticket which it is advantageous, and means of transportation are available to, please use it.

Route, transfer guidance

A station name, the spot name, the address of the destination are input, and "a route, transfer guidance" of "Google Maps" is displayed when a "search" button is clicked.
※In the case of a station name and the spot name, please input by accurate notation if possible.
In the case of example) station name: "Narita-Airport Station" in the case of the "Narita Station" spot name: "Narita International Airport" "Naritasan Shinshoji Temple"



JR Line

From Tokyo Station to Narita Station, it is about 70 minutes in "high speed airport Narita" who is direct to Yokosuka Line, Sobu Line. In addition, from Ueno Station to Narita Station, it is about 80 minutes via Joban Line Abiko Station.
As the last day of the year becomes all-night service when it is year-end and New Year and comes to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, and the special train for the New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine runs, please use that place. For more details, please confirm it in a site of JR East.

Keisei Line (Keisei Main Line, Narita SKY ACCESS Line)

From Keisei-Ueno Station to Keisei Narita-Airport Station, it is about 45 minutes with "a Skyliner". Keisei Narita-Airport Station and Keisei Narita Station are about ten minutes.
When you come to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, it is run all night on the last day of the year on the last day of the year. For more details, please confirm it in a site of Keisei Electric Railway.

Station name map

JR Line, a light blue line are Keisei lines a green line.

Car, express bus

Please use "Tomisato" IC or "Narita" IC by car in East Kanto carriageway from Tokyo to Narita when you come.
In the case of the use, Tokyo and Narita Airport are about 80 minutes by express bus.

IC name map

Advantageous ticket

Narita good luck ticket

When "good luck accomplishment "Narita good luck ticket" is used with an advantageous ticket if I go to Narita", for sightseeing around Narita, a special ticket for Narita is convenient.


When free pass "JAPAN RAIL PASS" for foreign tourists that JR Line is issued by a coming person in the case of the use from JR is used from the foreign territory to Narita city, it is convenient.

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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Sogo Reido Hydrangea Festival

From Sunday, June 2 to 23rd Sunday

Narita Gion Festival

From Friday, July 5 to 7th Sunday

"A festival car doll exhibition and a Narita Gion Festival exhibition of Kanto" "especially lecture and symposium"

From Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, July 7 ※I am closed on Monday
※There is a display substitute in the first half year and the latter period

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