In addition to having Narita International Airport as the primary gateway to Japan,
Narita City is also home to the historical Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
Located in the middle of the city,
it welcomes over 10 million visitors a year from within Japan alone.
Visitors traveling via Narita International Airport
should not let the chance to visit the nearby city pass them by!


Winners of this campaign

After careful consideration, winners of this campaign have been determined as follows.

  1. Gary Savage
  2. Lisa Jasinski
  3. Holly Beach
  4. Lisa Ann Sullivan
  5. Keith Lapinig
  6. Zachary Long
  7. Neil Bronson Hammari

Thank you very much to all for applying this campaign.

We deeply appreciate for showing your interest in Narita City and are very looking forward to your visit to Narita.
We will contact the winners individually for details.

The five top reasons for visiting Narita City are

Reason 1
Historic Tourist Attractions representing Japan.
Reason 2
Everyday Japanese Cultural Experiences.
Reason 3
Enjoyable Walk Around Town.
Reason 4
Convenient Access to Tokyo, the rest of Japan and the World.
Reason 5
Perfect accommodations.
Extra Reason
Hospitality Program by Narita International Airport Corporation.
October 11th, 2013 ~ December 31st, 2013

Please download here for more details

Click to the Narita you never knew (PDF)

Now welcoming ideas on how you would spend your trip to Narita City

Each winner will be awarded a round-trip ticket
from Los Angeles to Narita,
as well as a voucher for two nights
in a Narita City hotel to fulfill their Narita experience.

We would like the winner to enjoy their travels,
and spend the last two nights of their trip
in Narita City, and experience Narita City's fabulous food,
culture, and sake.
We are grateful that they would share their experience in Narita through SNS such as Facebook, twitter, and blogs.

Rules and restrictions for entry

Application dates
October 18th, 2013 ~ December 31st, 2013
Entry requirements
Applicants must be a legal US resident at the time of submission.

For selection

Selection of winners
The winners will be chosen based on a review of his/her proposal for travel plans

within Narita City. The winners of the contest will be contacted individually by the selection committee, as well as have their results posted on this website.

Number of winning applicants: 7

Narita City cooperated by Narita City Tourism Association.

Supporting Airlines

  • ANA
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • United Airlines

Supporting Hotels and Travel Agencies

  • Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu
  • International Garden Hotel Narita
  • hotel nikko narita


Notes 1
Each winner will receive a round-trip economy class ticket from Los Angeles to Narita, as well as two final nights in a Narita City hotel. However, the contest organizers are not responsible for paying any additional expenses incurred by the winners during their travels within Japan.
Notes 2
Winners are responsible for paying all airport tax charges and any other travel taxes outside the cost of the ticket.
Notes 3
Both the hotel and the airline will be decided by the contest organizers.
Notes 4
The contest organizers are not legally responsible for any accidents that may occur during travel.
Notes 5
We recommend that all winners purchase travel insurance before coming to Japan.
Notes 6
Contest applicants may suggest a time when they hope to visit Japan, but are not guaranteed that they can visit during that time.
Notes 7
Contest winners will receive further details upon being selected.
Notes 8
Japanese laws apply to this campaign.
Notes 9
The court with jurisdiction concerned with the dispute over this campaign is
Chiba district court (Sakura branch) in Japan.
Notes 10
The winner is not allowed to make objection to Narita City for free use of ideas.