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Plum Blossom Festival Photo gallery

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A state of the Plum Blossom Festival was improved in Photo gallery. Please see it by all means, everyone.

"The Plum Blossom Festival" which became annual as the Events which told coming of spring to Narita quickly.
While it is during a plum Festival period of from February 17 to March 4, in 2018, various Events is held on Saturday, Sunday.
You extend a trip, and, on 新勝寺 prayer, please enjoy walk of Mt. Narita Park.

Plum Blossom Festival



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Narita shikisaisai
Event information

Narita Drum Festival

From Saturday, April 14 to 15th Sunday

Fudo Oido Tea Ceremony

From Saturday, April 14 to 29th (holiday)

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