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Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

Sakataga-ike Park

The Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art is an art museum established in a research institute site of Sakura-shi, Chiba in May, 1990 to release the artworks which DIC Corporation which is the world top maker of the printing ink collected with the associated group companies.

It is said that they have one of the best scales as correction of the close contemporary art in Japan, and the works collected so far exceed 1,000 points.

Beautiful natural environments to be able to enjoy various collection mainly on the art, a building aiming at the making of space appropriate for the display work, a seasonal change in the 20th century.
As the art museum which harmonized three elements of these "works" "building" "Nature", it is got close to many people.


Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art

The Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art is an art museum nestling in a garden blessed with rich Nature.
A pond full of water fluently spreads when I go ahead through the approach given green, and an exhibition room reminding you of an Old castle of North Europe is seen.
It is the building which won "association of building trades prize" to be given in an excellent building work in Japan in 1991. Please pay attention to beautiful Scenery.

The picture of the well-known painters who learned it from the picture of the portrait, Monet and Renoir and others Impressionists by Rembrandt of the 17th century at time of the art such as the art in Western modern times such as Picasso, Chagall is displayed.

Light is affected by the face of the model with the great master Rembrandt of the Netherlands picture from the screen left in the 17th century, and the expression full of life is drawn whether shadow is rich, and the description of the details that reproduced feel of a material including skin and a mustache, hair, the collar of the race and the black apparel realistically is wonderful. Light and the light and shade expression of Rembrandt called the genius of the shadow are watched, and it may be taken.

In addition, in the Japanese painting exhibition room, Tohaku Hasegawa, Kourin Ogata representing the early modern times, Taikan Yokoyama who further played an active part in modern times, the picture of a folding screen of Kansetsu Hashimoto and others convey a view peculiar to Japan on Nature and expression of the space.
As the work which projected the four seasons in Japan can be enjoyed to suit the occasion as a display becomes replacing it every season, it will be that there is a new encounter.

It is Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art with the reputation for Frank Stella, Mark Rothko, good-quality collection of postwar American art including Jackson Pollock. A great variety of close contemporary art is displayed.

The recommendation is Mark Rothko above all.
With seven points of the series called the Seagram fresco, the work group of Mark Rothko whom the hall possessed was produced by the ordering of the restaurant, and originally they were intended to be decorated to one of the restaurant.
Roscoe is disillusioned by the atmosphere of the completed restaurant and cancels this contract.
As for the work which lost a place to go, nine points were donated to the Tate Gallery (existing Tate Modern) of the London, and seven points were stored in Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art in 1990.
Following intention of Roscoe, one room is established for Seagram fresco in the hall, and it is always released.

Four places are not spread in the world, and only the only Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art has ロスコルーム in the Asian area.
Even a magazine and a TV show are taken up, and, as well as various parts of Japan, many customers are visited to sense ロスコルーム bodily from all over the world.

Then ロスコルーム will be entered. When step a moment; there is space of Roscoe.
A reddish brown huge screen appears, and the people will be invited to the world of the color of Roscoe.
You sit down on a sofa relaxedly, and please appreciate it.
The Seagram fresco which can be also known as collected studies of the Roscoe art wraps up people, and the person seeing it will be to have various thought.
Feel an ease held in a chest of mother, and feel by the hum of the throbbing heart; and ...
It is ... by weather and humidity, physical condition and the state of mind of the day. How to feel about ロスコルーム varies according to people to see and is strange that an impression changes by a day even if same people see it interestingly. I think of this.

In ロスコルーム capturing the heart of contemporary many people, space itself is right art.
I am let loose by real world and will be what is led to your world.
In a person having introspection of individual mind to be also born. Art may include such a way of enjoying, too.
It is thought that Roscoe space can be sensed bodily with a body of all of you you by all means.


Time - tea-ceremony room and restaurant ... which rest while enjoying Nature

In the good standing up and making a bow-type tea-ceremony room of the view in the Japanese painting exhibition room depths in the hall, I can take a short break with tea and a Japanese confectionery between art appreciation.
Anyone can relax casually because it is the table which does not need the sitting straight and the seat of the chair.

The Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art that the scenery is beautiful.
It is the window of the tea-ceremony room or can see one of the scenery that the view is the best in an art museum.
This will be because lighting is modest and is the calm room or receives light of the natural light and the scenery outside the window shines even more and sees it.

A snow scene winter to the figure which is scattered, and passes away which spring cherry blossoms feel nervous about, summer green leaves, colored leaves in autumn.
A sash is likened to a frame, and the scenery to fade, and to pass away to see seems to totally look at the picture of the scroll.

The Japanese confectionery put together in a season is one of the pleasure.
Two people change the type, and will they give a Japanese confectionery at the time of outing each together?
It will be to feel a heart of the hospitality of the tea ceremony for slight consideration.

In the person who rests to Matcha and a Japanese confectionery while enjoying Nature.
It will be to feel passage of slow time.
(only an entered person can use the tea ceremony.)

The restaurant "Belvedere (Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art)" which can look around the Nature walk road is in the facilities.
According to the store's name called "a beautiful view" of Italian, it is the restaurant which can eat while enjoying the scenery from a window.

I am particular about quality and health, the security of dishes and take in local ingredients from Chiba positively and can enjoy the dishes with the sense of the seasons.

It is attention in the vegetables which contracted with local farmers.
Please appreciate relief, delicious vegetables.

Depending on a season, gibier dishes are provided, too. Of course this is meat from Chiba, too.
It will be to be able to enjoy the dishes of chef feelings.

The seat of the beautiful private room of the view which seemed to be given is in the grove. (require reservation)
A favorable reception is received from meal and class reunion of the memorial day, family with the child.
The seat becomes to eight people. As it is size relaxedly, it will be to be able to enjoy a meal in all of you slowly.


It is ... Nature walk road ... looking for a seasonal color

Blessed with the Nature of the north total plateau that is full of green, the sites of about 30 hectares (90,000 tsubos) exceed 200 kinds of trees, flower 500 kinds in conjunction with an adjacent DIC research institute, and a wild bird and insects inhabit much.

If the walk road in the grove is walked while enjoying the touch of the soft soil that a tip was spread, it is can feel the change in the four seasons.


Cherry blossoms (the best time to see: for the early March and late April)

Canola flower (the best time to see: for from February to March)

Azalea mountain (the best time to see: for the late April and early May)

Oga lotus (the best time to see: for the late June and early August)

Colored leaves (end of November ...)

The world of the beautiful monotone

In summer, a sunflower field named Matisse Gogh Gauguin comes up.
The name of sunflower seeds is with the name of the painter.
The sunflower with the name of my favorite painter will bloom with what kind of face with what kind of color. Walk seems to be able to be enjoyed while thinking.

When look at the ridge of the pond incidentally; the water lily is ... So. A water lily of Monet is displayed in the permanent construction exhibition room.
How would the water lily which Monet drew on that day be reflected in the eyes of Monet?
It is the walk road only in the art museum where the picture of the Impressionists praising Nature is displayed.

It may be said that it is big charm only by the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art among the Nature not to be able to taste in the art museum of the urban area that can enjoy a picture and Nature in addition.
Let alone a person liking art, it can be fully enjoyed to the who wants to be refreshed slowly.
The seasonal color for all of you is felt, and please enjoy a holiday in the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art slowly.


[Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art]

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