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The 23rd Colored Leaves Festival

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From November 12, 2022 to November 27, 2022

A holding place: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Naritasan park

As the oasis that can be enjoyed with a plum, the cherry blossoms which the Naritasan park proud of the very large area of 165,000 square meters in the depths of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto temple tells coming of spring to and the fresh green and colored leaves in autumn, the seasonal expression including the snow scene, it is got close at all in Naritasan by and a citizen of the prayer.

The Naritasan park was completed in 1928. The atmospheric scenery only in the Japanese garden full of changes throughout the year which Nature wove was created, and it has been protected ものあいだ carefully as the oasis of wild bird and insects and the park where was in a state near naturally indeed for several years.

I let the tree in the park which accomplished growth from completion magnificently after 90 remainders year opens a branch, and leaves grow thick, and time of the maturity is going to be invited as if the image that a gardener right imagined was just realized. Whenever a place to look at is turned in this season when Kiki in particular changes color, red and golden color delicately change, and each seems to see the picture of the cup expressing beauty of Japan in autumn and does not let people to see get tired.

A maple, sawtooth oak, a Japanese oak, about 250 tree leaves such as the ginkgo turn red and yellow from mid-November through early December in usual, and the state projected on the surface of the water of the pond is elegant, and it is felt slowly, and time pleases a visitor.

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during a Colored Leaves Festival period, various events are held.
Would you like to go out by all means to find autumn of Narita who deepens, and goes?

The 23rd Colored Leaves Festival


From Saturday, November 12, 2022 to Sunday, November 27
A concert and a tea party are held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during a period.
※The held insect exhibition is canceled for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread in usual.


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Naritasan park
(reference page…The highlight Naritasan park

Traffic regulation

Traffic regulation is carried out around Naritasan with "Colored Leaves Festival" being started on Saturday, November 12 until Sunday on 27th on Saturday, Sundays and holidays during a period.
I apologize to all of the use for the inconvenience by car, but would appreciate your cooperation.

About traffic regulation around the November, 2022 Naritasan

Events photo studio

A state of the Colored Leaves Festival was improved in an Events photo studio in 2022. Please see it by all means.

Contact us

(one) Narita City Tourism Association TEL: 0476-22-2102

Expansion Expansion Expansion

Expansion Expansion Expansion

As access is very convenient, and there is the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple on foot in the place for approximately ten minutes after going down Narita Station using a train, I can go casually light in the park of the precincts. In addition, a Naritasan park came to be introduced by the metropolitan area as one of the maple-tree viewing spot that was a number in various media for these past several years.

When the color of colored leaves is the end of November becoming the peak, many customers visit it so that it seems even if 10,000 people per day are exceeded, and around approach to a shrine leaving for the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple from Narita Station let alone the park is full very much. The customer tastes the multi-national food only in the town with Japanese food and the international airport including the Freshwater eel with the walk in the park in the restaurant around the approach to a shrine and enjoys the shopping in the souvenir shop which a great variety of articles line up freely.

You look at the scenery of the brocade autumn of the wonderful Naritasan park by all means so as to hold breath, and would all of you like to fully thoroughly enjoy the beauty, too?



The concert is held in a floating temple (I am isolated and see it and agree) floating in the pond of the dragon intellect.
Please enjoy beautiful tones such as a koto, a shakuhachi or the erhu sinking into a leaf and ripples floating on the surface of the water.  

The date

Saturday, November 12 koto, 三絃清翔会
Sunday, November 13 koto, 三絃清翔会, shakuhachi bamboo tree society
Saturday, November 19 koto, 三絃清翔会, shakuhachi bamboo tree society
Sunday, November 20 二胡王霄峰
November 23 (Wednesday Sundays and holidays) 二胡王霄峰
Saturday, November 26 二胡王霄峰
Sunday, November 27 二胡王霄峰

Performance time

Twice a day from from 11:00 and 13:30

Performance place

It is held in a pond floating temple of the dragon intellect in the Naritasan park
※It is held in Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy in the rainy day (as it depends on the situation, please refer.)

Tea party

By cooperation of the Omotesenke Narita city tea ceremony society, a free tea party is held.
In tea-ceremony room "Iori Akamatsu" (the bean jam which a cough carries) in the neighbor of the Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy, a cake and the Matcha are attended to.
As the tea can participate freely without even a person being eager for the first time, and doing it, would it like to be experienced by all means at this opportunity?

The date

Saturday, November 12 Munefumi Yazawa
Meeting of the Sunday, November 13 stillness
Saturday, November 19 Kumagaya sect light
Flatter it Sunday, November 20; Rei Chiso
Meeting of November 23 (Wednesday Sundays and holidays) Towa
Saturday, November 26 Goi field artistic manners and customs
Sunday, November 27 Munezo Suzuki

Holding time

From 10:00 to around 15:00. ※A rearranging ticket is distributed, and it is accepted as soon as it reaches capacity, and it is finished

Holding place

Tea-ceremony room Iori Akamatsu (Naritasan calligraphy art Chikashi Tachi) in the Naritasan park

Plan display "craft exhibition - handwork color color -"

A handmade original work full of the warmth brought about by the hand of the individual including accessories, sugar craft, dyeing and weaving and the Crafts and craft creators of the group is displayed and it is sold, and the communication with a customer and the creator observing it would appreciate your being enjoyed.


Saturday, November 19, 20th Sunday


The Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy (free of charge entering a building only for the date)

Contact us

Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy TEL: 0476-24-0774

Charm of Narita

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Benefit spot & experience-based program full 成田詣 へいざ!

Narita International Airport

The Japanese central station which 100,000 people visit every day which is not the simple passage point

Naritasan Omotesando Street

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, Omotesando that is still full of worshipers in the old days


Narita holds various Events throughout the year

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