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For New Year holidays

The number of calendars drew to an end, too, and all day long and cold became severe.
December busy all the time. The month when a teacher is famed with the December (I run).
By another view, teacher = Buddhist priest is said to be.
It was the moon which mourned for an ancestral ghost in the same way as the Bon Festival for New Year holidays in old days.
It is said to be the etymology that a Buddhist priest ran around in several houses busily to recite a sutra.
I arrive in preparation for New Year holidays of the hectic Naritasan Shinshoji Temple to greet the New Year, and it will be introduced.

Soot payment December 13

奉告 of the soot payment is done to man himself in goma before the sunrise in the morning, and a priest performs 御身拭 いを of the principal idol Acala.
After this, a Buddha statue or Buddhist altar fittings are polished, and a 296-tatami-mat tatami mat in the Daihondo Hall is swept. Finally soot for one year including a ceiling and the large ranma is taken away with bamboo bamboo grass having a long about 10m by a hand, and the cleaning of the precincts Buddhist monastery is performed daylong.


Large Shinto straw festoon decoration December 25

oosimenawa.jpgThe huge Shinto straw festoon attached to Daihondo Hall is 6.6m in width, size of 1.5m in height 200 kg in weight!

The straw to use chose 2,500 bundles from about 6,000 bundles of straw ordered from neighboring farmers in particular.
As for how to knit peculiar to Naritasan said to be "照範 (carry make out) じめ", it is done with an opening what 照範上人 of the middle interest first prays for rich harvest in the Edo era and made.

About 200 Shinto straw festoons are prepared into the Other and are ranked the temples of the precincts.
The large Shinto straw festoon produced for about two months is attached to a prop of about 6m before the Daihondo Hall using a crane truck.

Oh, it is done.


Osame Fudo Fire Festival charm bonfire of old paper charms making a sacred bonfire with brushwood University goma attendant December 28

The bonfire of old paper charms of the Old label to return a charm purified by holy fire for invocation and the lucky charm that protection is the other self of the Acala who had to flame of the wisdom of Fudo for one year, and to give thanks to is held this year on December 28.

It is said that the flame of the wisdom to flare up burns down the whole every sins and evil and burns the sky of the December.


Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
TEL: 0476-22-2111 (from 8:00 to 16:00)

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Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

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