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Citizen of ... justice road ... over the Sogo Reido Temple area

There are many historic spots in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, Lake Imba outskirts area blessed with Nature again, too.
Taking the opportunity of the Buddhist memorial service of Sogo, Sakura 350 years, a guidepost and a guidance signboard were maintained as 7km のみちを which reached the Jinbei Park via Sogo Reido Sanctuary, Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine), Sogo former house from Keisei Sogo-Sando Station, a citizen of justice lord in October, 2002.

[citizen of justice Rhodes tart point]
Keisei Sogo-Sando Station is left

It is about 1km to Sogo Reido Sanctuary

Such a guidepost is installed in the journey.

Sogo Reido Sanctuary (鳴鐘山東勝寺)

The open basis is old, and it is said that it was erected for the war dead memorial service when commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians, Tamuramaro Sakanoueno subjugated Boso in the times of the Emperor Kanmu. Believers of the whole country come for worship as the temple where citizen of justice of the Edo era, Sogo Sakura (real name, Kiuchi Sogorou) is enshrined now. There are Sogo Goichidai Memorial and Sogo Reihoden (Mr. Sogo's Artifacts) in the precincts.

Cherry blossoms and a plum can be enjoyed in spring.
In June, a colorful hydrangea can be enjoyed. About 7,000 hydrangeas including Hydrangea macrophylla, the Hakuyou hydrangea are planted in the precincts spreading out in the Daihondo Hall back including a convention hydrangea. Above all, there is the Hakuyou hydrangea more than 1,000 stocks and there are few places where only this is seen in with much Hakuyou hydrangeas and pleases the eyes of the tourist.
During a hydrangea Festival period, a performance of a koto, a shakuhachi and the erhu is carried out in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary Daihondo Hall, and the tea party is held in Omoto Bo, too.

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Old historic temple Sogo Reido Sanctuary of Narita

Will a proprietress of Souvenirs Monoya meet it with a wonderful smile?

Cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in spring.

A fragrance of the Nature is felt, and I take a walk through hydrangea garden.



here called the tower ノ bottom of popular name Obiyama is a place of "鳴鐘山東勝寺" which is famous by a name of the Sogo Reido Sanctuary foundation.
It is in the temple luck as first commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians Tamuramaro Sakanoueno erected the hall for the war dead memorial service in the times of the Emperor Kanmu. I moved to the present location, and 鳴鐘山東勝寺宗吾霊堂 was called itself that the temple matched the citizen of justice Sogo soul with principal idol Dainichi Buddha in 1917 and worshiped you. The left stone Buddhist statue was erected than the local people that faith was ardent now in 当東勝寺跡地. A restored rest-in-peace pagoda can read letters of "寛政十午十一月吉日" "mutual financing association 55" "public Tsu-go Daikata-mura".
In addition, I go, and the rest-in-peace pagoda that a Bodhisattva was had making a seal with raised characters of is central, and it is said that there was a Buddha statue thought to be 11 Goddess of Mercy, but the right base can never see the now figure.

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Stone Buddhist statue

Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine)

There is the Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine) in the place of about 1.9km from Sogo Reido Sanctuary.
The Shrine of Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine) 18 companies in the Inba-gun city. So that the Shinto shrine name of each places of the whole country is listed in ancient book "Engi era type" (the Heian era), but is listed there in the fourth; a venerable Shinto shrine. There are boat-shaped thing company and 台方社 (Okutsu shrine) and is said with a product of 伊都許利命 appointed by Emperor Ojin Era (the from the end of fourth century to fifth century beginning) by 印旛国造.
There is Osugi of Toichi Seki called 1,200 years years old in the main hall left depths and is worshiped as a guardian deity of longevity, the good luck charm.

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The company which peeps a face from a tunnel of trees.

The precincts filled with mysterious air.


Sogo former house

It is the Sogo former house in the place of about 1km from Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine). When 2km leaves for the Lake Imba area from Sogo Reido Sanctuary, a mosquito net is covered, and it is handed down, and "かのこ is based", and there is Sogo former house of the architecture called (the base is built directly on crying Maruishi) from the Edo era in a building with a hip roof. I am protected from generation to generation by a descendant, and it can be observed by goodwill of Kiuchi of the 16th generation now after Sogo is dead.



Jinbei Park

There is Jinbei Park in the place approximately 3.1km away from Sogo former house. "The simplified Japanese half-coat" goes for direct appeal to the Edo era that Sogo Sakura saves the predicament of the citizen of territory; pick up Sakura on a ship regardless of own life to come, and is the name of the man who sent it to the opposite bank. It is in the Lake Tega, Inba Nature park, and a cosmos blooms in the one side in a canola flower, autumn in spring and becomes the oasis of coming people. There is the rest-in-peace pagoda of the simplified Japanese half-coat on the cape of the marsh, and there are a cycling course and the athletic playground equipment in the outskirts.

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Canola flowers are in full bloom in spring!

A cosmos blooms beautifully in autumn.
※A cosmos does not bloom in 2022. Please be careful.

The setting sun which sets in the Lake Imba.

Narita city community bus Kitasuka route is convenient for the return.

From simplified Japanese half-coat handing over, Sogo Reido Sanctuary
Simplified Japanese half-coat handing over Makata Jinja (Makata Shrine) Sogo Reido Sanctuary Kozunomori Station Keisei Narita Station
The east exit
Narita City Office
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