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September Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival

Narita Traditional Performing Arts Festival was held on Sunday on Saturday, September 15, 2018, 16th.
Traditional arts groups gathered in a hall, and, including the Narita city, various festivals and dances, the traditional arts such as the lion dance were shown by the prefectural inside and outside.
From the city, "Odori Hanami Dance" handed down from "Narita Gion Festival" and the Genroku Era with the tradition of about 300 years appeared.

In addition, Kabuki that first Danjuro Ichikawa was associated with the God of the Fire of the Naritasan in the Edo era was played, and "local character 成田詣 was held at the same time after 成田詣 which was popular because benefit of the Naritasan was widely known, too", and the characters of whole country each place gathered.

Saturday, September 15



Sunday, September 16