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龍正院(しもふさ七福神 毘沙門天)

Ryoshoin (Bijamonten)

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The Seven Deities of Good Luck god of treasure (protection of the Buddhism, demon breaking up, good luck good luck charm, fortune fortune God) who is worshiped

The dragon original hospital is known as hallowed ground of the Bando bill place Kannon 28th.
The man himself is 11 Goddess of Mercy and can worship Acala and the god of treasure as an attendant image of Buddhist statue.

The Deva gate is a country designated important cultural property. The main hall of a Buddhist temple, a gong are prefectural designated cultural assets.

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The dragon original hospital is got close to in the name of the Namegawa Kannon.

A mosquito net is covered, and a big Shinto straw festoon is displayed to the roof Deva gate.
"48,000 days" are held every year on August 9.
It is said that there is 48,000 times of benefit same as having visited when I pray on this day and is full of many worshipers.

It is a big festival of the dragon original hospital that "waits for a tree" that it is performed on November 18, and Buddhists' procession of the large goma ascetic practices and children's chignon hairstyle is performed.

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1196, Namegawa, Narita-shi, Chiba


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The nearest station: It is about 15 minutes on foot from Namegawa


Higashi Kanto Expressway: It is about 12 minutes by car from Shimousa IC

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Ryoshoin Temple (Bijamonten)

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