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Mt. Narita Park

Mt. Narita Park

Solemn "Daito of the peace" proud of 58m in height to the place where I went ahead through the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Omoto temple to the depths more is built.

The garden coloring the four seasons called the Narita mountain park under eyes opens so that I am watched on the tower symbolizing this peace.

Daito is faced from success in life Inari

Daito is faced from success in life Inari

Mt. Narita Park entrance

Mt. Narita Park entrance right towards the large main hall of a Buddhist temple

Peace Daito

Peace Daito. The Western-style garden under Daito is a place of recreation and relaxation for worshiper

Area is the very large site of 165,000 square meters, but, in Mt. Narita Park, those three big white domes enter the and a half as area of Tokyo Dome is 46,755 square meters how large it is. A health-oriented lifestyle is popular, but Narita mountain park one round will take around a walk by all means recently when I came to the Narita mountain for prayer. A body lightens, and there may be surprising benefit including health maintenance and the longevity.

Forest bathingI am lighted up by the positive light to come in through between trees while enjoying forest bathing, and the fresh green, a continuous chorus of cicadas, colored leaves, the expression in the four seasons such as the snow scene can be taken in.

The people who take a walk through a parkThe natural Nature which is apt to be forgotten carelessly.

Something recalling me to this is left in Mt. Narita Park.

The park overflows in the trees and plants and Nature, and thought to respect all life of all living things of the Buddhism is incorporated, and three ponds such as ponds of the dragon intellect express a place of the let go (fertility), and it is in a place bringing up holy life to symbolize non-killing (ふせっしょう) if the whole park is seen.

Waterfall of the donation

Waterfall of the donation

When the stairs near the light temple in the precincts are gone down, a waterfall of the donation that light comes in from a grove turns up from a huge rocky mountain

Spring floating Mido

Spring floating Mido

Floating Mido of the early fall

Floating Mido of the early fall

The water of the waterfall becomes the water source to three ponds named dragon intellect, Ryuki, Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect, and around many carps of floating Mido that there is in a pond of the dragon intellect swim, and, as for the scene which gathers all at once when a hand is swatted, and it is fed, there is a heartwarming thing.

Pond (two ponds) of Ryuki of green leaves Autumn park

Pond (two ponds) of Ryuki of green leaves and colored leaves

The scenery of the Nature gives an ease to coming people.

Water koto cave

In addition, there is a place to hear the mysterious sound called the water koto cave near the Naritasan Museum of Calligraphy in the park. When a sound that a drop of water falls in a big jar and echoes listens to it, the clear sound such as the excellent koto is heard.

Furthermore, the stone tablet of well-known writers including Basho Matsuo and Kyoshi Takahama is built at each site in the park, and the people who enjoyed it tell a haiku and a song about having been a lot in Narita at the time. Knowledge and the footprint of various ancient people are left in the Nature of the park.

Please see this about Miekichi Suzuki.

Monument of Miekichi Suzuki

Monument of Miekichi Suzuki

Events enjoying colored leaves festival and the four seasons plum Festival in autumn is performed in Mt. Narita Park in spring. There are Bairin, cherry tree and wisteria trellis, sawtooth oak and Japanese oak, approximately 250 Furuki including the tree of the ginkgo whom red-and-white bright plum blossoms bloom in the park, and, as for the performance of a koto and the erhu performed in the splendid scenery that there is little difference between such as the colored leaves which show from green red the wonderful gradation, there is the value of seeing.

Colored leaves of the Mt. Narita "A tea party" of the colored leaves Festival

Park walk Brook

In addition, an outdoor tea ceremony held in cause Bairin of the blue sky is colored leaves festival, and a tea party among Iori Akamatsu that colored leaves change color particularly vividly is held by the plum Festival. As anyone can participate free, how about enjoying Narita mountain park through the year?

"An outdoor tea ceremony" of the plum Festival Plum of the Mt. Narita

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Colored Leaves Festival

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