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Otaiyasai Festival

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From September 02, 2023 to September 03, 2023

A holding place: Sogo Reido Sanctuary


御待夜祭 in memory of citizen of justice Sogo

御待夜祭 (a sea bream bloom) is a festival to cheer up the spirit of a dead person of citizen of justice Sogorou, Sakura loved by many people now.

Many stalls stand in a row crowdedly, and, on both days of the festival, the large precincts of the Sogo Reido Sanctuary are wrapped in an overflow, lively vigor by the happy laughter of families and children. The precincts are wrapped in an atmosphere to let feel good old good old Japan which seemed to skid in time in the 30s of the Showa era to be.
When a cry of ヒグラシ melts into dusk, I burn, and a light finally shows the festival the upsurge in a stall.

If cuttlefish firing and an apricot candy, the food only by the festival including the okonomiyaki are tried out, and a stomach is blown up visiting the stalls which lined so as to make undecisiveness, I go back to the child's mind after a long absence, and scooping goldfish and target practice die it and have fun of the play such as quoitses. Then the young time revives in the mind incidentally and will be that the adults whom I keep moving about busily remind of half-forgotten good old time every day.

I pull it in high spirits, and, by the roadside around the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, a stand is turned by children and adults.

Please remember that summer day that it is led by the hand at the age of a child by a family and goes to a Shinto shrine and the temple and enjoyed while being with shining eyes for the scene which 明々 and an electric bulb turned on of are dazzling, and is gorgeous. The Otaiyasai Festival has mysterious charm letting get back to the feeling of such a young day.

Let alone families, he/she goes out between friends together to have children carrying the next generation know the pleasure of the festival of the time when adults were children, and the fair in half-forgotten "those days" is thoroughly enjoyed, and would you like to let children make the memories on a summer day?





History of Sogo Reido Sanctuary and 御待夜祭


The Sogo Reido Sanctuary in Sogo, Narita-shi is officially called 鳴鐘山東勝寺別格本山宗吾霊堂.
As for the luck, commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians Tamuramaro Sakanoueno subjugates Boso in the times of the Emperor Kanmu and is the temple of the Shingon Buddhism Toyoyama group erected for the war dead memorial service. I am known as the temple where citizen of justice, Sogo Sakura is enshrined.

Citizen of justice Sogo, Sakura biography

Sogo, Sakura (Kiuchi Sogorou) that was a village headman of public Tsumura (current Narita city) made a direct appeal to Prince general Ietsuna Tokugawa by the relief of the citizen of territory for the tyranny by the Sakura feudal clan caretaking chief retainer for four generations and was sentenced to crucifixion by the crime in Prince Tsu ヶ Hara on August 3, 1653. It is the grave in the Sogo Reido Sanctuary precincts now that buried the corpse to the execution ground trace. In 1752, the Sakura feudal clan repented of the misgovernment in memorial ceremony of 100 years, and a posthumous Buddhist name did the posthumous Buddhist name of the Sogo way retired life person, and thereafter Masasuke Hotta came to be called Sogo. "The citizen of Sakura justice biography" is staged for celebrity as a program of Kabuki in a national theater for the second generation in 1998 by Kichiemon Nakamura. Kankuro Nakamura stages it in Kabuki-Za for the fifth generation in December, 2002. After this, it is often staged. In the precincts, there is the Sogo Goichidai Memorial which reproduced a life of sacred treasure that a memento of Sogo and a document concerned are displayed other than main hall of a Buddhist temple, Omoto Bo (reception hall) Okunoin, Sogo with 66 life-sized dolls now.

Beginning of 御待夜祭

When a memorial service of the memorial ceremony of 150 years of justice person Sogo was performed in 1802, it is said to be an opening of 御待夜祭 Daikata-mura is the representative, and to have performed [Shinto ritual dance with bamboo leaves]. The previous night of the anniversary of the death of September 3 (August 3 of the old calendar) was called an eve of funeral or deathday, and the people spent night with [they stay] as Sogo Reido Sanctuary. It was [eve of funeral or deathday festival] and a Buddhism term until prewar days, but calls itself [御待夜祭] after the war.
Annual festival "御待夜祭" of Sogo was held on September 2 and 3 that was an anniversary of the death of Kiuchi Sogorou, but Sunday became the day of the festival on the first Saturday in September from 2004.

Of 御待夜祭 and the stand pull it, and turn it

A stand was constructed, and the town was pulled until 1958, and it was invested in Sogo soul 300 anniversary of 1952. Afterwards, it was used at the time of a festival as "the tower" of the ring dance.
By 1974, the hand of the volunteer in the town block of the stand pulled it, and a mawashi revived, and a current stand was constructed in 1984. Of the stand by young people in the town block [the sect sum society] pull it, and the mawashi is performed until 10:00 p.m., and there is the support of the young man ream in other towns, too, and the energy is very good; pull it, and will show you with a mawashi. In addition, [Sogo art seat ream] playing Sahara musical accompaniment on a stand raises the atmosphere of the festival even more. Furthermore, the state to pull it, and to run up the slope of Chuo-dori of the Sogo stand residents' association with a mawashi at a stretch in front of Keisei Sogo-Sando Station of the stand is exciting. 御待夜祭 of the stand pull it, and, other than a mawashi, unpremised businessperson until the end of precincts stands in a row, and a karaoke meeting is held on the special stage, and the meeting of the kendo Kyudo is held, too. Please come to the annual festival [御待夜祭] of Sogo who is a democratic pioneer by all means. 

[cf. history of Sogo Reido Sanctuary brochure and Narita city race]

Holding contents

Event of Saturday, September 2

Contents Time Place
Great goma ascetic practices 11:00, 14:00, 18:00 Sogo Reido Sanctuary Daihondo Hall
Stand service From 13:00 to 17:00 (part of the child)
From 18:00 to 22:00 (part of adult)
Cruise in the Sogo ward
Special dedication dancing meet 13:00 ... The Sogo Reido Sanctuary precincts

Event of Sunday, September 3

Contents Time Place
Great goma ascetic practices

6:00, 11:00, 14:00

A great demoness passes through the Buddhist memorial service of 11:00 and becomes the special Buddhist memorial service of 600 change readings.

Sogo Reido Sanctuary Daihondo Hall
Stand service From 13:00 to 17:00 (part of the child)
From 18:00 to 22:00 (part of adult)
Cruise in the Sogo ward
Karaoke meet

13:00 - qualifier

18:00 - final

The Sogo Reido Sanctuary precincts

Stand service list PDF

Otaiyasai Festival stand service list (PDF: 118KB)


A Sogo Reido Sanctuary address: 1-558, Sogo, Narita-shi, Chiba (I link to Google map)

  • A train: Getting off at Keisei Sogo-Sando Station, about 15-minute walk.
  • Chiba Kotsu bus: A "Sogo Reido Sanctuary" bus stop gets off the JR Narita Station Central Exit (approach to a shrine Exit) sixth line, the Keisei Narita Station (approach to a shrine Exit) seventh bus platform for bus ride about 15 minutes for "the Sogo Reido Sanctuary".
    Chiba Kotsu: (External link)
    ※An extra bus is operated in 御待夜祭当日.
    千葉交通御待夜祭臨時 bus (External link)
  • Narita city community bus: A "Sogo Reido Sanctuary" bus stop gets off the bus platform in front of the Narita City Office for "Kitasuka route" bus ride about 20 minutes.
    A Narita city homepage: Narita community bus (External link)
  • A car: It is about 15 minutes by car from Higashi Kanto Expressway Tomisato, Sakura IC. ※As the outskirts have little Parking, and the traffic jam is expected again on the day of the festival, please use public transport.

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Sogo Reido Sanctuary (鳴鐘山東勝寺)
TEL 0476-27-3131

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